North American Buggy Expo (NABX), April, 2008

Ivanpah Dry Lake, California, on the border with Primm, Nevada

Looking at Primm, NV from Ivanpah Dry Lake .
Ivanpah Dry Lake sits just accross the border from the three casinos in Primm, NV which are visible from the staging area three miles away. Buggytown takes shape on the eastern edge of Ivanpah with pits and launching area out front.

Lounging in the pits, waiting for wind .
The early half of many days were spent lounging in the pits with buggies as lounge chairs, waiting for wind. Vicitmized by another "sucker wind", kites drop to the playa while pilots wait for the next puff. Even the Blokarts stand still.

Mark Groshens launches his Phantom Phantom Sail Inflated
Mark Groshens of Ontario launches his Peter Lynn Phantom. The Canadians brought a lot of Peter Lynn Twinskin ARCs and they did real well in the gusty winds on the playa. Mark's Phantom is fully infalated and takes to the air.
Mark Groshens with depower bar Mark in buggy
Mark checks the rig on his de-pwer bar... ...and he's off accross the lake.

Ziggy takes off in the buggy with his Phantom PL Arcs fill the sky
"Ziggy" Racek of Ontario takes off in his Phantom. He later passed me going 40 mph...backwards! Ziggy's Phantom (background) and a PL Scorpion (foreground) fill the gusty sky.

Susan's dog Beau waits in the buggy Susan and Beau
Susan Orgeron's dog Beau waits patiently for a ride in his custom buggy seat. Susan (NPW Godess) prepares to launch her NPW (NASA Power Wing) while Beau settles in.
Susan and Beau take off AJ with an NPW
Susan takes off while Beau settles in for nap on her shoulder. AJ tools around in the light but gusty wind with an NPW, flying on bridles alone.

Drew Parker Scorpion Kite
Drew Parker of Orlando, Fl (and NABX Staff volunteer) gets ready to launch his Scorpion for a buggy session. The Scorpion is launched and ready.
Drew in the buggy Drew takes off in the Bug.
In the buggy and ready to go. I guess helmets don't go well with mowhawks! Drew takes off accross the dry lake bed for a session.

Sutherlands in Tandem Sutherlands in tandem
Brent and Melissa Sutherland picked up a used buggy and tandem hitch at NABX to add to the back of Brent's homebuilt buggy. Brent's buggy sports full suspension and makes a great towing bug for Melissa's new ride.
The Sutherlands try the Rage 3.5 with the Tandem Sutherlands with Reactor 2.2
The Sutherlands try the Rage 3.5 with the Tandem. This time with the Peter Lynn reactor 2.2 in a stiff breeze.

UTurn Nitro Evo II Ricardo with Nitro Evo II
Ripsession Kites was showing off the new U-turn Nitro Evo II. With and aspect ratio of 5.4, the kite looked bigger than a 3.1 sq. meter. Ricardo takes off with the Nitro Evo II in his custom Apexx buggy. He quickly hit 45 mph, showing again that small kites can pack a punch in the right conditions.

Montana 3 with buggy Montana 3 close-up
A Montana 3 by HQ Kites takes a buggy accross the dry lake on a perfect afternoon breeze. Close-up of the new Montana 3 sail, sporting refined mixer system; new, lighter water resistant fabric and improved overall stability .

Tim Baxmeyer on Scout Bar Scout 4m Sail
Tim Baxmeyer of HQ Kites, USA flies the new Scout, featuring a cross-over bar for faster turning. Close-up of the Scout 5 meter. The Scout replaces the venerable Beamer TSR series of kites.
Tim in bug with Scout 3m Tim in Bug doing flyby
Tim trades down to the 3m Scout in stiffer winds. Getting ready for a camera fly-by in the bug.

Chip Brown's custom Buggy Leather Seat closeup
Chip Brown's buggy with custom leather seat. Chip is a blacksmith, leather worker and artist. Close-up of chips's tooled seat with kite buggy motif.

Norm Perreault in Ice Chest Angus on clown bike
Hearty Canadian Norm Perreault of Ontario doesn't mind ice cold cooler water for a quick bath to rinse off the playa dust. The author takes a quick spin on Brent's clown bike during some down time. It's harder than it looks!

Dust devil forms Devil builds
Fueld by thermals, a dust devil forms on the lake. The Devil builds...
Devil in camp Devil dies
...and rolls into Buggytown... ...then dissapates just as fast.

Afternoon breeze with kites Sunset on lake
Late afternoons typically brought smoother winds, when kites filled the sky. Sunset on the playa and kites are still flying in the gentle breezes.

Stupid Dave on ramp Dave flies in the buggy
Flexifoil Team Rider"Stupid Dave" Roberts launches his beefed up Flexifoil buggy off the ramp... ...and gets some serious air!

Dirty Buffet gang Will and Dave with Award
The "Dirty Buffet" gang at the Banquet. Clockwise from left: Mark, Paul, Norm, Jim, Ian, Melissa and Brent. Flexifoil Team Riders Will Mckean and Dave Roberts accept the award for the smoothest moves.