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Kite buggy rally and fun-fly. September 26-28 2008, Jekyll Island, Georgia

I want to thank everybody who helped make this event a success. Special thanks to Beth Burnsed and the Jekyll Island Authority, Blackbeards Seafood Restaurant, and all the folks at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center.

Look for an announcement soon for JIBE 2009, most likely in early May next year. Details to follow! -Angus Campbell

Chris Rieke and Nick Vaughan Bobby Muse with buggy
Chris Rieke and Nick Vaughan contemplate the light west winds Friday at Kite Beach Bobby Muse shows off his wide-axle Flexifoil buggy with custom back rest.

Georgia Sea Turtle Center Inpatient
Saturday morning during high tide we met at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center for a group tour One of the center's patients resting in a tank
Inpatient Guided tour
Another patient on the road to recovery and release. A Sea Turtle Center Intern lectures the JIBE group on the workings of the facility.

Plenty of space The air fills with ripstop
We had a pretty clear beach with light crowds leaving enough room for us to cruise. The sea-breeze kicks in right on time Satrurday and the air fills with ripstop..

Wexler with Neo Neo 11m in sky
Team Rider Wexler Muse tries the new 11m Neo from HQ. The Neo is striking in the camo color scheme.

Chris Dover with Neo Chris Dover in Buggy
Chris Dover powers up the Neo deep in the window for a nice scud. Chris shoots a drive-by in the bug.

Chris Rieke Bobby and Wexler
Chris Rieke in his buggy. Grins were infectious with the great flying conditions and wide open beach. Bobby Muse on a drive-by with Wexler in the rumble seat.

Chad with Venom Rigging the stack
Chad Golden tries out his Peter Lynn Venom Twinskin, then says "hey man, lets stack two Venoms!" Chad rigs the stack. Just keeping the lines sorted out was a challenge.
Chad ready to launch Venoms Launching the stack
Chad's ready to launch the stack. This is nuts! The stack rolls of the ground in perfect formation. Dang, this might just work!
Venom stack in sky Venom stack with kiteboard
The stacked venoms fill the crowded sky. After a few starts, Chad gets up on a board in the surf. The stack appeared to be quite a handful.

Greg Tresan was ripping up the shoreline with his Flexifoil Sabre Blake Tresan
Greg Tresan was ripping up the shoreline with his Flexifoil Sabre. Greg's brother Blake got a lot of miles in on his land board flying an Ozone Access.

Chris Dover and Profoil Chris passes the Muses
Chris Dover put in a lot of miles with his Profoil 5.5m. Chris heads south with his Profoil while Bobby and Wexler head north under Bobbie's Blade 6.5.
Angus Recovering
Angus finds the perfect combination of treatment for recovering from the rigors of the Jibe.

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