HQ Demo Day, Jekyll Island, GA - Sept 2007

On September 8, 2007, HQ Kites USA and Coastal Wind Sports hosted a power kite demo day event on the section of Jekyll Island Beach knownd as "Kite Beach". Participants got a chance to fly the latest models of HQ Power Kites in a kite buggy, on a land board and static flying on the beach. We were among the first to get a sneek peek at the new Montana 3, Crossfire II and HQ Scout (successor to the Beamer TSR).

HQ Banners Tim Baxmeyer with Crossfire
HQ Banners flap in 15 kts of wind HQ-USA's Tim Baxmeyer flying the new Crossfire II

Tim Baxmeyer in buggy with new Scout
HQ USA's Tim Baxmeyer in buggy with the new successor to the Beamer TSR, the Scout Tim works the zippy little new Beamer III 1.4 meter to the edge of the window.

Don Leech on a land board Montana 3 Sail
Don "Tridude" Leech Takes off on the land board and the Montana 3 The new Montana 3, 7.0 meter sports new fabric, new bridles and improved stability with added de-power.

Buggies on Beach Bobby Muse in the buggy
Buggies take to the beach with the latest HQ Kites Bobby "BeamerBob" Muse Puts the buggy into gear with the new Crossfire II 4.0 meter with son Wexler giving a push