Golden Isles Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding is one of the worlds fastest growing watersports. It's also an "extreme" sport that requires professional training in order to properly and safely handle the powerful kites that are used. For expert personal instruction in the Golden Isles region of Georgia, turn to Robb VanWie and Golden Isles Kiteboarding. Robb is a PASA Certified instructor and has over 12 years of experience kiteboarding. Robb also has all the gear you'll need, so there is no need to buy anything extra while you learn!

A course of instruction typically involves two or three sessions. Lesson one consists of classroom work covering terminology, kite theory, local weather patterns, safety and more. You'll also get your hands on a smaller trainer kite and learn to navigate the "wind window". In lesson two, you'll step up to the full size inflatable kite and work in shallow water as your learn to "body drag" and safely control the power of the kite. You'll also learn water re-launch and self-rescue techniques. Some students will get up on a board in lesson two.

In your third session, you will be working on getting up on a board if you have not done so already. Once you are up and cruising you will learn transitions and upwind work. If you don't have your own gear, this may be the point you will be thinking about getting your own rig. Golden Isles Kiteboarding will help you make an informed decision on what gear to buy based on your weight, size and planned riding conditions.

Robb brings classroom to the beach Robb with control rig
Robb literally brings the classroom to the beach for lesson one. Robb will supply all the gear you need during lessons.

All lessons include use of gear if you do not have your own yet.

Note: Golden Isles Kitebording is not affiliated with Coastal Wind Sports, Inc. We are just happy to offer the referral to locals and to visitors to our area.

Last updated 7/18/15