This scale was developed in 1805 by British Rear-Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort as a standard for estimating wind speed, not with instrumentation, but by using your own senses and observing the wind's effects on your surroundings. The scale is still used today by mariners and more recently kite fliers. Most kite manufacturers use the Beaufort Scale to list the suitable wind ranges for their products.

Bft. Force Knots Mph. Kph Meters/Sec. Classification Appearance on Land Appearance on Water For the Power Kite Flier
0< 1< 1.15<1.83< 0.51Calm Calm, smoke rises verticallySea surface smooth and mirror-like. Relax, hang out, inspect your kite, wait for wind.
11 - 31.1 - 3.52 - 5.50.5 - 1.5 Light AirSmoke drift indicates wind direction. Wind vanes are still. Scaly ripples, no foam crests.7 meter kites might fly, but usually only veterans have these. Novices with smaller kites will have to wait for more.
24 - 64.6 - 77.5 - 112 - 3Light BreezeWind Felt on face, leaves rustle, wind vanes begin to move.Small wavelets, crests glassy,no breaking.5 meter and larger can come out of the bag. Beginners should be wary of gusts, if flying the big ones.
37 -108 - 11.513 - 18.53.5 - 5Gentle BreezeLeaves and small twigs constantly moving, light flags moving.Large wavelets, crest begin to break, scattered whitecaps ("sheep in the pasture").Novices with smaller kites up to 3-4m can have safe fun. Veterans with bigger kites are feeling the pull and starting to smile.
411 - 1612.5 - 18.520 - 295.5 - 8Moderate BreezeDust, leaves and loose paper lifted, small tree branches move.Small waves 1 -4 ft. becoming longer, numerous whitecaps.Mid-sized kites (2.5-3.5m) are waking up and starting to pull hard. Beginners can have a blast with even 1.5m kites.
517 - 2119.5 - 2431 - 38.59 - 11Fresh BreezeSmall trees with leaves begin to sway.Moderate waves, 4-8 ft. taking longer from, many whitecaps, some spray. Big kites are all put away and mid-sized are in the hands of experts only. Novices without smaller kites should pack up.
622 - 2725 - 3140.5 - 49.511.5 - 14Strong BreezeLarger tree branches moving, whistling in wires.Larger waves, 8-13 ft., whitecaps common, more sprayExperts with the right gear are either grinning or scared. Others have quit or been blown away.
728 - 3332 - 3751 - 60.514.5 - 17Near GaleWhole trees moving, resistance to walking against wind.Sea heaps up 13 - 20 ft., white foam streaks off breakers.The craziest veterans are down to their smallest kites. Others have wisely packed up.
834 - 4039 - 4662 - 7317.5 - 20.5GaleWhole trees in motion, resistance to walking against wind.Moderately high (13-20 ft) waves of greater length, edges of crests begin to break into spindrift, foam blown in streaks.Everybody is inside. No one wants to get hurt today.

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